Brothers In Arms

​All CCW classes are 8-hours minimum {6 hours of classroom instruction; 2 hours on the firing range} and conducted by a female NRA Certified Instructor. Classes are conducted in one day on Saturday’s from 9:00am to 5:00pm, with a maximum of 12
students per class. *All classes are held at Brothers In Arms Gun Shop; please arrive a few minutes early and use the door to the right of the handicap ramp. The shooting portion will be conducted on private property. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a certificate to apply for a CCW permit in the state of Ohio.

 Cost to take the course is $95 per person
     $35 non-refundable cash deposit required at sign up {cash only}
     Balance of $60 due the day of class {cash is preferred; Visa and MasterCard                accepted. No checks or money orders}.
     You may float your non-refundable deposit for 6 months from date paid; if you do      not sit for a class within that time frame your deposit is forfeited and you will be          required to pay another deposit prior to signing up for a future class
 The cost of the course covers class materials and a light breakfast and lunch for each student. Students are free to bring snacks, drinks, etc. Please make necessary arrangements if you have special dietary needs.

 Please dress comfortably and properly for the weather. Two hours of training will be conducted on an outdoor firing range and will take place in all weather conditions with the exception of lightning or threats of tornado. Live fire instruction will be postponed or rescheduled in case of severe weather only. We will be shooting on private property not far from Brothers In Arms Gun Shop.

 Students must have eye and ear protection for the firing range.

 You may bring your own handgun to class but it MUST be UNLOADED and checked upon arrival. Leave all ammunition in your vehicle; No live ammo is permitted in the classroom. Students will fire a minimum of 21 rounds at the range. Ammunition will be available for purchase.

 A Glock 26 {9mm} is used for class demonstration {unloaded}; you are welcome to use it for the shooting portion – you would just need to purchase 9mm ammunition prior to class or purchase it on site. It is not necessary to go out and purchase a handgun just for this class. During the course we will discuss what you should consider when buying a handgun.

 Call or text 513.645.3729 or email for more info.